Thursday, January 17, 2013

ONPA Television Contest entries now being accepted

Television contest rules are now posted and members have until February 7 to submit their entries to contest chairman Anthony Mirones. There are no changes from the previous year other that Mirons taking over for David Bradford. Ali Ghnabari from WJW-TV in Cleveland has won the contest for the past two years.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ONPA call for entries

Entries are now being accepted for the annual ONPA still/online photojournalism contest. Rules are available to download here.

Still contest entries must be in the hands of contest chairman David Polcyn by 6 p.m., Thursday, February 28, 2013. Those entering the online contest must send their e-mail to Jonathan Quilter  by midnight Thursday, February, 28, 2013.

Still contest entries will be judged during the annual convention April 18 - 20 at The Columbus Dispatch. Online entries will be judged remotely prior to the convention.

The are two changes to the still contest this year. A Campaign 2012 category has been added to the still contest for single news or feature photos from election contests of political candidates for local, state of national office and/or issues, including the casting and/or counting of ballots. All photos from the election will be judged in this category.

In an effort to increase participation, entries in the Product Illustration category will no longer count against your total entry limit, but you are limited to 5 entries in the category.

There are two changes in the Online Photojournalism contest. The limit per news organization for each of the video categories has been increased from five to seven. The Multimedia category has been eliminated. 

Those with questions concerning either of the contests should contact still contest chairman, David Polcyn, online contest chairman, Jonathan Quilter, or ONPA board chairman, Karl Kuntz.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

White House News Photographers opens contest to non-members

The White House News Photographers Association, home of one of the country's oldest and most respected news photography contests, is proud to play host this year to the first National Eyes of History political photo contest. For the first time, we're hosting a contest open to members and non-members alike to celebrate political photojournalism in an exciting new forum.

In an effort to seek out a broad collection of the best political photography and to promote a robust competition, our committee is simply asking you -- and staff members of other newspapers in 2012 battleground states -- to share news 
of the contest with your co-workers.

Entry guidelines can be found online at: 

Although there are more categories in play than cover just the presidential candidates, there is little doubt that those candidates spent more time and effort in your neck of the woods than in most parts of the country, and we're looking unabashedly for a critical mass of the best work. We hope you or your colleagues will consider entering.

Ron Sachs, President, WHNPA

Did you forget to renew in 2012?

It’s not too late! Renew your dues now to be eligible for the 2012 year-end contest. 

First-time members, join now to be eligible for the 2012 contest and get your 2013 dues waved as a bonus.

Joining is easy, find the application online and use your credit card. If you have questions, contact