Friday, March 8, 2013

Remembering Ron Kuntz

Ron Kuntz works the NEC World Series of Golf in 
Akron with his signature Australian bush hat. 
The world has lost a great photographer, and an even finer human being with the passing of Ron Kuntz. Many people are remembered for what they did for a living, but fewer are remembered for how they lived their life. 

As the tributes to him pour in on social media and elsewhere it is evident that Ronnie would fall into the later category. He touched so many lives in such a positive way, and that is how he is being remembered.

There were many great stories told through the lens of Ron Kuntz over the years. There were even more told by him. No one could spin a tale better than Ronnie and he often he held court at pre-game gatherings sharing his stories. 

If you were at a baseball game for one of these sessions and a former player happened to be in the media dining room, they would always stop to greet him. Of course their visit would usually prompt yet another story.

Kuntz may have been short in stature, but former players and his colleagues always looked up to him. There were many punchlines over the years about Ronnie's height, or lack thereof, the best ones usually came from Ronnie himself.

The story of his life  and amazing career were told by Plain Dealer writer Brian Albrecht who wrote a Sunday Magazine piece on Kuntz. A link for the story can be found on the ONPA website.

Kuntz began covering the Indians in 1953, which was before most of us in the business were even born. He was a walking, talking history book covering everything from the Sam Sheppard murder trial to sports legends like Muhammad Ali and Jack Nicklaus and spent many years as a volunteer with the Bill Glass Prison Ministry.

Today they are people from many walks of life who mourn his passing.

The images were great - the man was even better.

Plain Dealer obituary

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