Sunday, October 28, 2012

Richard "Bix" Bixler dies at 84

    Longtime ONPA member Richard Bixler died Friday at 84. Bixler's freelance calling card, "Pix by Bix" always seemed to be a marketing tool with staying power. I have had young photographers quiz me on the slogan they had heard, even though they never met the man, who was simply known as Bix.

     Bix was a newshound working all night shooting spot news in the Canton area with his work regularly  appearing in The Repository. If the story had broad enough appeal we would get a call from Bix in Akron asking if we had an interest in the photos. You had to listen closely when you were on the phone with Bix as the blare of police scanners in the background would often cover the conversation.

     Many an ONPA officer would hear from Bix from time to time, sharing his views on the organization for which he worked so hard for over the years. Bixler was a recipient of ONPA's highest honor, the Robert S. Carson Award, and served as secretary and editor of the newsletter for many years.

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