Sunday, February 26, 2012

ONPA Clip contest update

As regular entrants of the ONPA monthly still clip contest can tell you, the backlog of results is now behind us as several months of winners notifications have been flooding e-mail boxes the past several weeks. The last of those sent includes results from the November contest.

While there are still points to be earned it appears that Neal Lauron of The Columbus Dispatch will be on top when the final results come in, but we have seen wild swings in the contest in other years. The real race appears to be for second and third between Lisa DeJong of The Plain Dealer and Kyle Robertson and Eric Albrecht from The Dispatch.

2011 Top ten standings
1st - Neal Lauron, The Columbus Dispatch - 1044
2nd - Kyle Robertson, The Columbus Dispatch - 834
3rd - Lisa DeJong, The Plain Dealer - 774
4th - Eric Albrecht, The Columbus Dispatch - 764
5th - Jonathan Quilter, The Columbus Dispatch - 602
6th - Marshall Gorby, Springfield News-Sun - 584
7th - Jeff Hinckley, The Columbus Dispatch -564
8th - Chris Russell, The Columbus Dispatch -522
9th - Bill Lackey, Springfield News-Sun - 492
10th - Barbara Barbara, Springfield News-Sun - 412

The final numbers will come by way of the September results and the second quarter illustration category. The original September clips were signed for and received by the judges, and lost by the judges. There is no clear cut answer as to what happened to the illustration entries. In both cases those who entered have been notified and will resubmit their entries electronically using the new electronic system put in place for 2012.

That system already seems to be providing a much quicker turnaround as the January 2012 clips have already been judged and the results posted on the ONPA website. Since we already have a copy of all the entries the "annoying" send in your winning clip notices from will cease and desist after all the November winning clips have been received.

One item entrants need reminded of is that although clips are now entered electronically the photos must have been published in the publication's print edition or official website, of which there can only be one. Personal blogs and Facebook postings do not constitute as being published for the purposes of this contest. Questions concerning the electronic clip contest can be directed to contest chairmen Adam Cairns or Kyle Robertson.

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