Thursday, September 1, 2011

Larry Price loses his job, but tells it like it is

Larry Price, director of photography at the Dayton Daily News, stepped down from his position rather than make drastic staff cuts ordered by management and reported in a story written by Dayton Business Journal reporter Ginger Christ.

Christ also quotes Price on her blog. “I’ve watched this happen in newspapers year after year now. I’ve had many, many friends that have been affected, many stellar journalists,” Price said. “These people are my group. They’re my friends. They’re my colleagues. I’ve asked so much of them in the four years I’ve been here. Every time, they’ve stepped up to the plate and delivered. It wasn’t a decision I could make in good conscience.”

Dayton blogger David Esrati, who broke the story, writes on his blog - There are ways to win back readers, but cutting content creators (especially the uniquely local aspect of photography) is like a fine woodworker selling off his miter box and chisels.

No word yet of what staff cuts did happen or plans to cut positions at the other Cox Media Group papers in the region.

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