Sunday, October 30, 2011

January clip contest results arrive - Finally

The very long awaited January still clip contest results have finally arrived from the judges and been forwarded to the winners.

The point standings and image galleries have been updated on the ONPA website.

Top 10 standings

1st - Kyle Robertson, The Columbus Dispatch - 396
2nd - Lisa Dejong, The Plain Dealer - 356
3rd - Jonathan Quilter, The Columbus Dispatch - 326
- Marshall Gorby, Springfield News-Sun - 326
5th - Neal Lauron, The Columbus Dispatch - 306
6th - Chris Russell, The Columbus Dispatch -284
7th - Bill Lackey, Springfield News-Sun - 256
8th - Jeff Hinckley, The Columbus Dispatch - 250
9th - Eric Albrecht, The Columbus Dispatch - 236
10th - Patti Schaeffer, The (Lisbon) Morning Journal- 230
- Fred Squillante, The Columbus Dispatch - 230

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ed Reinke dies after being injured at Kentucky Speedway

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Ed Reinke, an award-winning Associated Press photographer who traveled worldwide and was known for his striking pictures of Kentucky news and sporting events, has died following an injury, according to his family. He was 60.

Reinke began his career at the Cincinnati Enquirer and was the director of photography there after leaving the paper to work for the AP in Cincinnati and Washington D.C..

AP story

NPPA news story:

A "To Ed Reinke" group on Facebook shares the thoughts of many of his friends and colleagues.

John Flavell shares his thoughts in a column in today's (Ashland, KY) Independent.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Former POYs compete for top spot in quarterly television contest

Interest remains strong with a competitive race taking shape as the ONPA Quarterly Television Clip Contest enters the halfway point. David Bradford from WJW-TV in Cleveland and Jeff Ritter from WBNS-TV in Columbus are tied for first place with 36 points with Ali Ghanbari from WJW third plac with 27 points. All three are previous quarterly POYs.

Complete results are on the ONPA website.

View all the winners from the second quarter

The deadline for the third quarter is Oct 15th.

Top Ten Standings
1st - David Bradford, WJW-TV, Cleveland - 36
Jeff Ritter, WBNS-TV, Columbus - 36
3rd - Ali Ghanbari, WJW-TV, Cleveland - 27
4th - Matthew Pawuk, WTOL-TV, Toledo - 20
5th - William Fogle, WTOL-TV, Toledo - 17
6th - Billy Muhammed, WJW-TV, Cleveland - 16
7th - Drew Yaussy, WSYX-TV, Columbus - 15.5
8th - Eric Rerucha, WTOL-TV, Toledo - 15
9th - Shawn Dunagan, WTOL-TV, Toledo - 14.5
10th - Michael Melchiorre, WNWO-TV, Toledo - 12

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Larry Price loses his job, but tells it like it is

Larry Price, director of photography at the Dayton Daily News, stepped down from his position rather than make drastic staff cuts ordered by management and reported in a story written by Dayton Business Journal reporter Ginger Christ.

Christ also quotes Price on her blog. “I’ve watched this happen in newspapers year after year now. I’ve had many, many friends that have been affected, many stellar journalists,” Price said. “These people are my group. They’re my friends. They’re my colleagues. I’ve asked so much of them in the four years I’ve been here. Every time, they’ve stepped up to the plate and delivered. It wasn’t a decision I could make in good conscience.”

Dayton blogger David Esrati, who broke the story, writes on his blog - There are ways to win back readers, but cutting content creators (especially the uniquely local aspect of photography) is like a fine woodworker selling off his miter box and chisels.

No word yet of what staff cuts did happen or plans to cut positions at the other Cox Media Group papers in the region.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buckeye Television Seminar revisited

The ONPA Buckeye Television Seminar was a rousing success earlier this month at WDTN-TV in Dayton with about 30 photojournalists attending. The goal was to motivate people to become better at their craft and to remind them that being an active member of ONPA can aid in this continuing endeavor.

Presenters included, Michell Michael, 2010 NPPA Solo Video Journalist of the Year, Kris Sproles, WDTN-TV, Ali Ghanbari and David Bradford from WJW-TV, and Andy Hirsch and Jeff Ritter from WBNS-TV. Each shared their experiences and techniques that have enabled them to have the successful careers they have had.

Work schedules being what they are not everyone who would have like to attended was able to. Fear not - ONPA television contest chairman David Bradford has provided links to the presentations for all.

Organizers of this event should be lauded for their efforts in putting together a first class program. Members should take note that this type of endeavor and volunteerism are what has made ONPA work for many years. There is no paid staff here, you get out of it what you put into it.

Ali Ghanbari - WJW-TV, Cleveland
A Passion with an Artistic Outlet & How to Stay Motivated in Today's News Gathering Environment

Michell Michael - Freelance Solo Video Journalist
Exploring the MMJ Style On Doing it All On Your Own

David Bradford - WJW-TV, Cleveland
Being in the Story Environment & Photo-Essay Storytelling

Andy Hirsch and Jeff Ritter - Reporter and Photographer WBNS-TV, Columbus
Team Work Between Reporter and Photographer

The entire program can be viewed here

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ali Ghanbari wins his seventh ONPA television POY title

Already a legend in the annals of Ohio television news photography, Ali Ghanbari from WJW-TV in Cleveland, has proved once again he is the best at what he does winning his seventh ONPA Television Photographer of the Year title for his work in 2010.

Jeff Ritter of WBNS-TV in Columbus, the winner the past two years, placed second in the competition and Chris Reece, also from WJW-TV, a former two-time winner placed third.

As he has in other winning years Ghanbari dominated the individual categories, placing in all with the exception of deadline photography. Ghanbari captured first place wins in editing, feature, in-depth, news feature and spot news and placed second in personality profile and sports feature and third in general news.

This years POY title for Ghanbari comes 17 years after his first, which he won working part-time at WKEF-TV in Dayton. His subsequent wins came after moving to WJW-TV winning in 1993 and 2003 along with a four year run from 1995 through 1998. Ghanbari was also the ONPA Quarterly Clip Contest POY in 2000.

WJW was selected as ONPA Station of the Year with WBNS placing second.

ONPA Television year-end contest results

Photographer of the Year
1st - Ali Ghanbari, WJW-TV, Cleveland
2nd - Jeff Ritter, WBNS-TV, Columbus
3rd - Chris Reece, WJW-TV, Cleveland

Deadline Photography
1st - Lawrence Shields, WCPO-TV, "Cat in a Drain"
2nd - Chris Reece, WJW-TV, "Heroes"

1st - Ali Ghanbari, WJW-TV, "My Story Round 1"

1st - Ali Ghanbari, WJW-TV, "World Aids Day"
2nd - Chris Reece, WJW-TV, "Volunteer"
3rd - Lawrence Shields, WCPO-TV, "Horse Afterlife"

General News
1st - Jeff Ritter, WBNS-TV, " Friendly Fire"
2nd - Chris Reece, WJW-TV, "Chick –Fil-A Open"
3rd - Ali Ghanbari, WJW-TV, "We’re Going to Rebuild"

In Depth/Series
1st - Ali Ghanbari, WJW-TV, "Not Forgotten Hero"
2nd - Jeff Ritter, WBNS-TV, "A living History"
3rd - Chris Reece, WJW-TV, "Abuse"

News Feature
1st - Ali Ghanbari, WJW-TV, "Honoring our Veterans"
2nd - Jeff Ritter, WBNS-TV, "Supersized Heroes"
3rd - Chris Reece, WJW-TV, "Die Inn"

Personality Profile
1st - Jeff Ritter, WBNS-TV, "Back to the Basement"
2nd - Ali Ghanbari, WJW-TV, "My Story Round 1"

Sports Feature
1st - Chris Reece, WJW-TV, "I Kilometers for Kara"
2nd - Ali Ghanbari, WJW-TV, "I Believe We are One"
3rd - Lawrence Shields, WCPO-TV, "Puppy Pound"

Spot News
1st - Ali Ghanbari, WJW-TV, "I Lost Everything "
2nd - Jeff Ritter, WBNS-TV, "Better Moove out of the Way"
3rd - Lawrence Shields, WCPO-TV, "Where’s My Check?"

Station of the Year
1st - WJW-TV, Cleveland
2nd - WBNS-TV, Columbus

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Buckeye Television Seminar set for Aug 6 in Dayton

The Ohio News Photographers Association with the cooperation of WJW-TV Cleveland, WBNS-TV Columbus and WDTN- TV Dayton will hold it's 6th free Buckeye Television Seminar Saturday, August 6 at WDTN-TV in Dayton.

The educational program, sponsored by ONPA, will provide speakers of interest to television news photographers, solo video journalists, reporters, producers, editors, and students. The topics will range from how to stay motivated, team work, solo video journalism and the use of natural environment for a story.

Presenters include, Michell Michael, 2010 NPPA Solo Video Journalist of the Year, Kris Sproles, WDTN-TV, Ali Ghanbari and David Bradford from WJW-TV, and Andy Hirsch and Jeff Ritter from WBNS-TV.

While there is no cost to attend organizers ask that you register by August 4th. Seats are limited so RSVP ASAP. Send an email to local chair Kris Sproles at to register for the event.

The original Buckeye Television seminar was the brainchild of Ali Ghanbari, now at WJW-TV in Cleveland. The idea was a simple one. Ohio photographers giving back something to the profession and in the process everyone could take advantage at no cost.

Download a schedule of events

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Entires on the rise in quarterly television contest

The plug once pulled on the ONPA quarterly television contest was reinserted and it seems at this point that was a good call as interest in the first quarter was better than it has been for quite some time. Photographers from WTOL-TV in Toledo and former ONPA POY Ali Ghanbari have joined the fray which should make for an interesting competition.

The first quarter results are in with WJW's David Bradford atop the leaderboard followed by Jeff Ritter from WBNS with Billy Muhammed and Ali Ghanbari from WJW tied for third place.

Complete results and judges comments are on the ONPA website.

View all the winners from the first quarter

The deadline for the second quarter is July 15th.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Garza is NPPA Region 4 POY

Ryan Garza from The Flint Journal is the NPPA Region 4 POY for 2010 knocking off 2009 winner Marshall Gorby from the Springfield News-Sun. The two were in a dead heat waiting on results from October in the monthly clip contest. When the results came in Garza had four wins good for 160 points to win the title.

Barbara Perenic from Springfield placed fifth in the contest and former ONPA member Matt Detrich from the Indianapolis Star placed sixth.

Final Top 10 Standings
1st - Ryan Garza, The Flint Journal - 942
2nd - Marshall Gorby, Springfield News-Sun - 784
3rd - Dave Weatherwax, The Herald - 660
4th - Kendra Stanley-Mills, The Muskegon Chronicle - 594
5th - Barbara Perenic, Springfield News-Sun - 572
6th - Matt Detrich, The Indianapolis Star - 544
7th - Nick Dentamaro, The Jackson Citizen Patriot - 350
8th - Neil Blake - 326
9th - Cory Morse, Grand Rapids Press - 302
10th - Charlie Nye, The Indianapolis Star - 234

Former Troy Daily News photographer killed in Libya

Former Troy Daily News photographer Chris Hondros, 41, was killed Wednesday while covering unrest between Libyan government troops and rebels. Hondros, a North Carolina State graduate completed his masters degree at Ohio University in 1996. Also killed in the mortar and grenade attack was Academy Award-nominated photojournalist Tim Hetherington.

There are several links to stories and a tribute on the News York Times Lens blog.
The News & Observer, Raleigh, NC
NPPA president Sean D. Elliot

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ONPA Quarterly television contest to resume

After hearing from several new members and with the commitment of those who were entering, the ONPA Quarterly Television Clip Contest will continue in 2011. The normal first quarter deadline has been extended until April 30 to give photographers time to submit their entries.

Contest chairman David Bradford will continue to oversee the process. Updated rules and entry forms are available for download.

Still contest judges comment on small market POY category

Judges in the 2010 ONPA year-end contest chose not to recognize any portfolios in the small market POY category. Their decision brought an immediate reaction from the staff of one of the newspapers affected when no award given for the category was posted online.

Judges were aware that some would question their decision, but they also wanted to address the issue for those not present. They sat down with ONPA still vice president Jonathan Quilter, who recorded the interview as they explained their decision. Listen to the audio file. The first voice on the recording is is Quilter followed by judges, in order, Boyzell Hosey, Danese Kenon and Ross Taylor.

Under the contest rules judges are permitted to eliminate any category with less the 15 entries. Awards beyond first place in all categories are at the judges discretion. The small market POY category was not the only one judges wanted to eliminate. They also did not feel the quality of work in the product illustration category was worthy of recognition, but with 18 entries they were forced to award a first place.

At Saturday's business meeting the membership voted to not have portflio categories be subject to the rule allowing judges to eliminate a category with less than 15 entries.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let the judging begin

The single categories in the ONPA annual still contest have all been judged and results and galleries have all been posted on the ONPA website. All the results are in from the Online Photojournalism contest can be found there as well.

The Plain Dealer leads the Staff of the Year competition for large market papers with 83 points, followed by the Cincinnati Enquirer with 42 points and The Columbus Dispatch with 28 points.

The Springfield News-Sun leads the small market papers with 16 points and is the only small market paper with more than one win.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Schedule set for judging and educational seminar

The schedule for the combined ONPA still contest judging, educational seminar and business meeting is now set for the three-day event which begins Thursday night at The Columbus Dispatch.

Still contest judging will begin Thursday evening and continue on Friday.
Results will be posted online throughout the judging process. The judging will not be streamed online this year. The results from the online photojournalism contest will be released on Thursday. We also hope to have results for the television contest as well.

There are no registration fees this year for the seminar which takes place on Saturday. Greg Bledsoe, a reporter and photographer for NBC San Diego will open the program at 9 a.m.. Following Bledsoe will be Boyzell Hosey, director of photography at the St. Petersburg Times at 10:30 a.m.. The annual ONPA business meeting will be at noon.

Ross Taylor, staff photographer at The Virginia-Pilot will open the afternoon session at 1:30 p.m. with Danese Kenon, multimedia journalist at the Indianapolis Star scheduled to speak at 3 p.m..

Award winners will be recognized following the program. Plaques will be shipped to winners in five to six weeks.

For those not familiar The Columbus Dispatch is located at 34 S. Third St in the heart of downtown Columbus. The nearest parking is behind the building on 4th St., 1/2 block south of Broad St.. Parking fees apply. Fourth St. is one way north bound and Third St. is one way south bound.

Click for more information on parking downtown

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Levy, Crow and DeJong Headliner Award winners

Andrea Levy, Chuck Crow and Lisa DeJong of The Plain Dealer are among the winners in the 77th annual National Headliner Awards, sponsored by The Press Club of Atlantic City, N.J..

Levy won first place for Illustrative Graphics. Crow placed third in Newspaper Sports Photography for his photo "Watch Out" and DeJong won third place in the Portrait category for her entry, “I'm Blessed”.

Click here for a complete list of winners

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jeff Ritter is ONPA Quarterly Television Clip POY

In a very close race Jeff Ritter from WBNS-TV in Columbus has won the 2010 ONPA Television Quarterly Clip Contest Photographer of the Year title. It is the first clip POY title for Ritter, who has won the year-end POY crown the past two years. Ritter edged out last year's winner Steve Maguire, also from WBNS-TV and WJW's Billy Muhammed, who held the lead all year.

While the competition was close, overall participation has waned the past few years, with photographers from only two stations actively participating in the contest. That being the case this will be the final year for the Television Quarterly Contest, which was started in 1999.

Contest chairman David Bradford has all the winners online and can be viewed here.

Top Ten Standings
1st - Jeff Ritter, WBNS-TV, Columbus - 69pts
2nd - Steve Maguire, WBNS-TV, Columbus - 67pts
3rd - Billy Muhammed, WJW-TV, Cleveland - 64pts
4th - Scott Doelling, WBNS-TV, Columbus - 37pts
5th - Chris Reece, WJW-TV, Cleveland - 24pts

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dancing with a celebrity

Wanted to share a video of former ONPA member Doug Oster who recently competed in Dancing with the Celebrities of Pittsburgh. Oster was paired with dancer Cathy Kelly for the charity event.

And yes he is a celebrity in Pittsburgh. Between his work at the Post-Gazette, his garden blog , radio show, and regular appearances on local television outlets he's hard to miss.

But who knew he could cut a rug. And get good scores for it. The kid has really blossomed since he left Youngstown, although I'll never forgive him for that.

Russell wins fourth ONPA Clip POY title

Chris Russell of The Columbus Dispatch rallied in the final month and became only the second person to win four ONPA Clip Photographer of the Year titles. Russel won previouslly in 2006, 2004 and 1997.

Russell's win for 2010 came at the expense of co-worker Neal Lauron who finished second in the standings. Lauron had two wins in October, but only a 50 point lead going in, which wasn't enough to hold off Russell.

Russell racked up 192 points with five wins in October, which was the final month judged. That was the most points won in any one month all year in the contest.

As in the previous years contest only three papers cracked the top ten. The Columbus Dispatch had six photographers in the top ten, with the Springfield News-Sun placing three and The Plain Dealer with one, which was the third place overall winner, Lisa DeJong.

For the record keepers Jim Witmer, now with the Dayton Daily News, has won five clip titles, all while working at the Troy Daily News.

Final top 10 standings
1st - Chris Russell, The Columbus Dispatch - 1114
2nd - Neal C. Lauron, The Columbus Dispatch - 1044
3rd - Lisa Dejong, The Plain Dealer - 914
4th - Bill Lackey, Springfield News-Sun - 794
5th - Kyle Robertson, The Columbus Dispatch - 774
6th - Jonathan Quilter, The Columbus Dispatch - 634
7th - Marshall Gorby, Springfield News-Sun - 624
8th - Eric Albrecht, The Columbus Dispatch - 592
9th - Fred Squillante, The Columbus Dispatch - 564
10th - Barbara Perenic, Springfield News-Sun - 464

Monday, March 14, 2011

Convention and judging move to The Columbus Dispatch

It is clearly a year of change for the annual ONPA convention and seminar in 2011. This year’s event April 7-9 in Columbus will be combined with the still contest judging and be held at The Columbus Dispatch.

Still contest judging will begin Thursday evening and continue as long as needed on Friday. The speakers presentations will all be on Saturday. As in past years the Television and Online Photojournalism contest entries have been sent out for judging with results expected to be in hand before the event.

Speaking as well as judging the still contest will be Danese Kenon, Boyzell Hosey and Ross Taylor. Kenon's career has progresses from The Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, FL to The Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester, NY to the Indianapolis Star, where she is currently working as a multimedia journalist.

Boyzell Hosey has served in several capacities at the St. Petersburg Times and promoted to director of photography in 2006. Prior to his move to Florida Hosey was a staff photographer at The State in Columbia, S.C. and the Lima News right here in Ohio and credits Ohio University VISCOM founder Chuck Scott for jump-starting his career.

Ross Taylor is a staff photographer at The Virginia-Pilot who previously worked at the Hartford Courant. Taylor is a former NPPA Region 1 POY and two-time North Carolina POY. Taylor has hugged the Taj Mahal, kissed a 70-year-old woman on Bourbon Street, and swallowed fire at a Coney Island Side Show class. He should feel right at home in Ohio.

Also on the speaking panel is Greg Bledsoe, a reporter and photographer for NBC San Diego. Bledsoe has won multiple national awards from the National Press Photographer's Association, including finishing as runner-up for the NPPA's National Solo Video Journalist of the year award. He is also a multi Emmy award winner for writing, editing and reporting. In 2010 Greg was honored with the Golden Mic for editing, and honored by the San Diego Press Club for reporting and photography.

With all activities combined this year officers are hoping there is enough cost savings to the organization to waive registration fees for all. Good news indeed in this day and age. There are several lodging opportunities within walking distance of the Dispatch available as well as a host of others in the surrounding suburbs. You can search on your own with this link. ONPA is hoping to obtain a convention rate for those attending at the nearby Residence Inn by Marriott at 36 E. Gay St.

More details on the schedule of events will be posted as soon as they become available.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Harwood exhibit to open at Joseph Saxton Gallery on Friday

The work of longtime ONPA member Gary Harwood from Kent State University, will be on display at the Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography, in Canton, from February 4 to May 21, 2011

The exhibit is a collection of his work taken over 30 years as a photographer and will open with a reception from 5:30 to 9pm on February 4. It will include a book signing for Growing Season.

The reception will take place during the monthly “Canton First Friday” arts event. It’s an opportunity to visit other art galleries and area restaurants during your evening in Canton.

A link for more information on the Joseph Saxton Gallery
A link for more information on Canton First Friday

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Clip contest dam has burst

A backlog of clip contest results are now being processed with winners notifications having now being sent via e-mail. There are five months of results coming with each months winners listed in separate e-mails.

Please take the time to check each months e-mail and don't just hit delete thinking you've gotten duplicate e-mail. You only receive the e-mail if you won in that month so check the list and send in your clips for the website.

The point totals will be posted to the web shortly as they are being tabulated. The only clips still being judged are October and December so hopefully the contest will be back on track.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Larry Fullerton Photojournalism Scholarship entries now being accepted

The Larry Fullerton Photojournalism Scholarship was established at The Dayton Foundation through contributions from Larry Fullerton's family and friends to assist students pursuing careers in photojournalism. Larry Fullerton was a long time member of ONPA and both a photojournalist and assistant managing editor of the Hamilton Journal-News.

This year two scholarships are available, first place will receive $3,000 and the runner-up, $1,500. These funds will be deposited with the recipient's university bursar, to be used toward tuition and lab fees. This scholarship is not associated with the ONPA Student Photographer of the Year competition and eligible students need not be members of ONPA to qualify.

Rules can be downloaded here and are also available under the Contest Rules tab of the ONPA Website.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Year-end contest rules available for download

Contest season is once again upon us and the rules for the ONPA year-end still, online photojournalism and television contests are available to download.

Rules are available on the ONPA website under the Contest Rules tab at the top of the page, or you can click on the links here. Still Contest rules - Online Photojournalism rules - Television Contest rules

The judging for the annual still contest will be combined with the educational seminar and convention on April 8 - 9 in Columbus. Deadlines for both the still and online contests have been pushed back to Friday, Feb 25.

The deadline for the Television Contest is Friday, Feb 11.