Friday, January 29, 2010

NPPA Region 4 November results

Marshall Gorby from the Springfield News-Sun scored another double in the Spot News category in the November NPPA Region 4 monthly clip contest. His two wins keep him in first place 132 points ahead of Matt Detrich of the Indianapolis Star.

Detrich also had two wins in November, both coming in the Sports category.

Sarah Wright from the Chillicothe Gazette placed first in General News and is currently in eighth place.

Spot News
1st - Marshall Gorby, Springfield News-Sun, “Stop Hand”
2nd - Marshall Gorby, Springfield News-Sun, “Enon Fire”
3rd - Kendra Stanley-Mills, The Muskegon Chronicle “Historic school house burns”

General News
1st - Sarah Wright, Chillicothe Gazette, “Parkway Ribbon Cutting”
2nd - Ryan Garza, The Flint Journal, “Mama”
3rd - Kendra Stanley-Mills, The Muskegon Chronicle, “Shop til you drop”

Feature/Single Picture
1st - Kelly Mackey, The State Journal “A game of cat and mouse”
2nd - John Tully, Midland Daily News, “Man's Best Friend”
3rd - Ryan Garza, The Flint Journal, “Time to go”

Feature/Multiple Picture
1st - Charlie Nye, The Indianapolis Star, “Blacksmithing Class”
2nd - Kendra Stanley-Mills, The Muskegon Chronicle, “School closing”
3rd - John Tully, Midland Daily News, “Flocking Together”

1st - Matt Detrich, The Indianapolis Star, “State Football Double OT Tears”
2nd - Kendra Stanley-Mills, The Muskegon Chronicle, “Catch”
3rd - Matt Detrich, The Indianapolis Star, “One-Handed Touchdown”

Point standings (does not include October)
1st - Marshall Gorby/Springfield News-Sun - 714
2nd - Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis Star - 582
3rd - Ryan Garza/The Flint Journal - 522
4th - John Tully/Midland Daily News - 350
5th - Cory Morse/The Muskegon Chronicle - 284
Kendra Stanley-Mills/The Muskegon Chronicle- 284
7th - Barbara Perenic/Springfield News-Sun - 282
8th - Sarah Wright/Chillicothe Gazette - 264
9th - Erik Holladay/The Jackson Citizen-Patriot - 252
10th - Nathaniel Morgan/The Midland Daily News - 244

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Speakers for 2010 convention

Is there a photographer or videographer you've always admired?

Is there someone who you think is doing cutting-edge work?

Is there a person who can teach you something valuable and give you an edge?

If you would like to suggest someone to speak at this year's ONPA Conference, April 16-17 in Columbus, please let Plain Dealer director of photography Bill Gugliotta know. He would like your input.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Call for entries for the Larry Fullerton Photojournalism Scholarship

The Larry Fullerton Photojournalism Scholarship was established at The Dayton Foundation through contributions from Larry Fullerton's family and friends to assist students pursuing careers in photojournalism. Larry Fullerton was a long time member of ONPA and both a photojournalist and assistant managing editor of the Hamilton Journal-News.

This year two scholarships are available, first place will receive $3,500 and the runner-up, $1,400. These funds will be deposited with the recipient's university bursar, to be used toward tuition and lab fees. This scholarship is not associated with the ONPA Student Photographer of the Year competition and eligible students need not be members of ONPA to qualify.

Rules can be downloaded here and are also available under the Contest Rules tab of the ONPA Website.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

ONPA Renewal time

ONPA membership dues renewal notices will be coming to your mailbox soon. We will make our annual plea that you pay your dues in a timely manner. Always remember that this organization is served by volunteers and not a full-time paid staff. We are still tracking down those who haven't paid their 2009 dues. Time spent on matters such as these is time taken away from making this an organization that can better serve its members. Those who did procrastinate will need to pay both the 2009 and 2010 dues to enter the year-end contest.

The end of the holiday season seems to have broken the clip contest judging logjam. Results from September and October have been posted to the ONPA Website and winners notified. The race is still very competitive with two months remaining.

The top ten standings
1st - Marshall Gorby, Springfield News-Sun - 770
2nd - Eric Albrecht, The Columbus Disptch - 636
3rd - Chris Russell, The Columbus Dispatch - 548
4th - Fred Squillante, The Columbus Dispatch - 546
5th - Neal C. Lauron, The Columbus Dispatch - 480
6th - Bill Lackey, Springfield News-Sun - 470
7th - Tom Dodge, The Columbus, Dispatch - 450
8th - Lisa DeJong, The Plain Dealer - 446
9th - Jonathan Quilter, The Columbus Dispatch - 414
10th - Barbara Perenic, Springfield News-Sun - 330

3rd quarter Television clip contest winners

The winning videos from the 3rd quarter Television Clip Contest have also now been posted. The top spot in the contest is a two-horse race with Jeff Ritter and Steve Maguire, both from WBNS-TV in Columbus, separated by 6 points. Photographers are reminded that 4th quarter entries are due January 15th.

Congratulations also go out to former ONPA member Michael King who has been elected to a one-year term on the NPPA Board of Directors.

Joining King on the board are Smiley Pool and Greg Smith who will be serving three-year terms. Mike Borland and Jim Michalowski who will be serving two-year terms and Merry Murray also serving a one-year term. NPPA's president will also appoint three non-elected board members.

The newly elected board replaces the governing system that relied on 11 geographic regional representatives. The board will hold it's first meeting January 16.

Barbara Perenic from the Springfield News-Sun landed a picure in the Sports Illustrated Pictures of the Year edition.

The photo which received double truck treatment in SI placed first in sports in the January ONPA and NPPA Region 4 clip contest and is sure to be in the mix in the year-end contest as well.

Lastly for all of you who entered the digital age kicking and screaming (yes there were one or two of you) you might find a recent New York Times story about photographer Louis Mendes refreshing.