Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lantern photographer facing trespass charges

Alex Kortran, photographer for the Ohio State University student newspaper The Lantern, was detained last week by campus police and is facing criminal trespass charges.

Kortran was attempting to make images of police and university workers corral two cows who were loose on campus. During the time Kortran was detained, police cornered and tranquilized one of he two animals.

Campus police say they are still investigating the incident.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Tweet me

Tweets are all the buzz these days and ONPA will now have a Twitter presence.

Thanks to the efforts of Malinda Hartong from the Cincinnati Enquirer you can now share your videos, galleries, links and thoughts to the ONPA community and our followers. For all you tweeters, you can either do an @OHNPA mention or DM. If your tweetless right now and don't have a twitter account send an email to
social@onpa.org and Malinda can tweet out your links.

Also send your twitter addresses to
social@onpa.org so we can post for #FollowFriday, etc.

Widgets will soon be added to the ONPA website and this blog for a direct link. This should prove to be quite popular. We already have 20 followers in a few short days since the account was set up without any promotion at all.

The next step in the process of reaching out is an ONPA Facebook page. Stephanie Krell from the Record Courier in Ravenna will be the administrator for that project. We will alert everyone as soon as that is up and running.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Convention wrap

In many walks of life continuing education sessions are looked upon as a necessary evil, in some cases even required. For visual journalists the seminars are a forum to learn and be inspired. Such was the case this past weekend for the annual ONPA convention and seminar at the Columbus Airport Marriott.

Speakers, Glenn and Malinda Hartong, Kathy Kieliszewski, Denny Simmons, Rob Sumner, Dave Delozier and Darren Durlach all showed that despite the times we work in the ability to deliver powerful story-telling visuals. There was something for everyone as the group included traditional still and video journalism as well as multimedia, solo video journalism and addressed the business side of going freelance.

This event has seen change in recent years with a shrinking and aging membership. There will be more change coming as the board decided at the annual business meeting that the still contest picture judging and the seminar will be combined next spring. This format has been used twice in the past, but met some reluctance in an era where a formal awards dinner was still in fashion. The cost of a hotel chicken dinner brought and end to the awards dinner so the combined event should be welcomed by the membership.

Most state organizations combine the events to avoid having to fly in judges for one event and speakers for another. The cost savings will be a plus for ONPA’s bottom line as well, and the driving force for change. There will be a change of venue for the program as well, with event sessions likely to be held at The Columbus Dispatch.

Convention chairman Craig Holman will look to see what downtown hotel options there are and to see how the cost compares to what the organization has been experiencing at the Airport Marriott. Kudos to Holman who always seems to make putting this event together look very easy. From one who has done it, I know its a lot of work.

Of course the most obvious change this year was Karl Kuntz taking over for me as chairman of the board. I would like to thank the board and membership for a memorable sendoff. A special thanks to Ed Suba, who with the help of my son Rob put together a humorous tribute.

As I told those in attendance I’ve always looked upon my work for ONPA as paying back a student loan. All of what I have done as a photojournalist would not have been possible without ONPA. From the membership, to speakers and judges I’ve learned from you all and am most appreciative.

Thanks to you all.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The State of Union on my way out the door

Well no one ever decided there should be term limits so I took it upon myself to implement my own after 12 years as chairman of the board. When former ONPA member Doug Oster talked me into this, oh those many years ago, I never thought I would change jobs and move twice before turning over the reins.

Those reins are now in the hands of Karl Kuntz from The Columbus Dispatch. Finances are tight so there will be no inaugural ball, but your welcome to share a beverage with him in the ONPA hospitality suite this weekend.

His job, as was mine, is to build upon the work of those who served before us. While we may be smaller in numbers today, that doesn’t mean we can’t be successful in our mission. This isn’t a job for Kuntz alone. He and the other officers will continue to need your support to continue to improve ONPA.

The number one priority going forward needs to be building a solid membership base. We need to worker harder to retain our members and be more proactive in seeking new members. We haven’t met often enough as a board the last few years to put a plan in place and that was the fault of mine. Not having enough time to devote to the position I felt it best to step aside.

Over the years we’ve gone in cycles with television membership. We are clearly in one of the down cycles now and it is an issue that needs some attention. There are entire stations in the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati markets without an ONPA member working at them.

The apathy has filtered down to the television photographers who are members. While the majority of still photographers who are members enter the year-end and monthly clip contest, the same cannot be said on the television side. This isn’t going to be an easy fix.

I will be proposing several changes for the year-end still contest to the board at the business meeting. Overall entries were down for the second year in a row. The POY category being split into small and large market divisions was well received, but I think the time has come to merge the spot news category into one. Every year the judges question the split and when you look at the shrinking number of entries I think this move makes sense.

The other proposed changes involve sports categories. We need to look at the sports category descriptions to put more clarity on what is action and what is a feature and develop a sports portfolio category.

I’ll continue to administer the ONPA website, others will now be responsible for providing the content. I’d like to tell you I’ll now have lots of free time on my hands, but I think my wife has other plans for me. She is the one with a few IOUs to cash in. For me the time spent working for ONPA was a labor of love. She was the one who made the sacrifices.

Remember if you’ve got any complaints about the last 12 years, it’s all Oster’s fault.

Good luck Karl

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Marshall Gorby is NPPA Region 4 Photographer of the Year

Well I guess good things do come to all who wait, and wait, and wait.

When the waiting was all over Marshall Gorby of the Springfield News-Sun was the NPPA Region 4 Photographer of the Year for 2009.

Gorby, who has been in first place in Region 4 since June, has had to wait for results from the October judges who have just released the results.

Well he needn't bite his nails any longer.

Those October results were very kind to Gorby as he swept the Spot News category and threw in a second place General News win for good measure to win going away. He's had his share of second place finishes over the years, but made up for it in a big way by winning the ONPA Monthly Clip Contest POY title this year as well.

Gorby isn't the only one in Springfield who bought home the hardware in 2009. Co-worker Bill Lackey was the ONPA Small Market Photographer of the Year and Barbara Perenic finished eighth in the NPPA Region 4 standings.

I'd drive to Springfield to congratulate them all, but there are just too many car crashes down there. I'll meet you half way in Columbus this weekend gang.

October Results

Spot News
1st - Marshall Gorby, Springfield News-Sun, “Home Destroyed”
2nd - Marshall Gorby, Springfield News-Sun, “House Fire”
3rd - Marshall Gorby, Springfield News-Sun, “Accident”

General News
1st - Cory Morse, The Muskegon Chronicle, “School cuts”
2nd - Marshall Gorby, Springfield News-Sun, “Renovated Firehouse”
3rd - Ken Stevens, The Muskegon Chronicle, “In search of murder weapon”

Feature/Single Picture
1st - Kendra Stanley-Mills, The Muskegon Chronicle, “Fall fun”
2nd - Ken Stevens, The Muskegon Chronicle, “Judging the competition”
3rd - Cory Morse, The Muskegon Chronicle, “Foggy lake”

Feature/Multiple Picture
1st - Aaron Borton, “Komen Race”
2nd - Charlie Nye, The Indianapolis Star, “Church Celebrates 175 Years”
3rd - John Tully, Midland Daily News, “Friday Night Rivalry”

1st - Doug McSchooler, “Surprised Goal”
2nd - Kendra Stanley-Mills, The Muskegon Chronicle, “Leader of the Pack”
3rd - John Tully, Midland Daily News, “Woods Run”

Final Standings
1st - Marshall Gorby, Springfield News-Sun - 1044
2nd - Matt Detrich, The Indianapolis Star - 722
3rd - Ryan Garza, The Flint Journal - 682
4th - John Tully, Midland Daily News - 540
5th - Kendra Stanley-Mills, The Muskegon Chronicle - 524
6th - Cory Morse, The Muskegon Chronicle - 364
7th - Nathaniel Morgan, The Midland Daily News - 334
8th - Barbara Perenic, Springfield News-Sun - 332
9th - Charlie Nye, The Indianapolis Star - 304
10th - Sarah Wright, Chillicothe Gazette - 294

ONPA Seminar schedule set

The schedule is now set for the annual ONPA educational seminar this weekend at the Columbus Airport Marriott.

The program begins Friday evening at 7pm with a video workshop by Glenn and Malinda Hartong from the Cincinnati Enquirer. Their presentation will be most helpful for the still photographer who has had a video camera thrust into their hands. The pair will talk about what works and what doesn't. How still photographers can best attempt to do both at the same time and when they should not try. They have plenty of examples and will show how photographers can shoot and edit in the most efficient way.

On Saturday the program begins at 9 a.m. with NPPA 2009 Solo Video Journalist of the Year, Dave Delozier from KUSA-TV, Denver. Following Delozier will be Kathy Kieliszewski of the Detroit Free Press, She and her talented team of photographers and videographers have won four National Emmy Award awards at the Detroit Free Press.

After a break for lunch attendees will have their choice of hearing NPPA Television Photographer of the Year, Darren Durlach of WBFF-TV, Baltimore or Rob Sumner founding member and photographer at Red Box Pictures. The final speaker of the day will be former NPPA Photographer of the Year Denny Simmons from the Evansville Courier & Press.

Awards will be presented to winners from this years annual contest following the program around 4 p.m.

Their will be a Hospitality Suite open Friday and Saturday evening.

Those wishing to attend can register via the ONPA Website and save $10 by registering in advance. Registration fees have once again been waived for any journalist who has lost their job to staff cutbacks.

Its quite an impressive lineup and very affordable, even for students. We hope you'll join us in Columbus

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time to register is now

You've put it off for weeks, but the time has now come to register for the ONPA convention this weekend at the Columbus Airport Marriott.

You can register online on the ONPA Website. Save yourself $10 and register in advance. It is a very simple process.

Seminar speakers include NPPA Television Photographer of the Year, Darren Durlach of WBFF-TV, Baltimore and Dave Delozier from KUSA-TV, Denver, the NPPA 2009 Solo Video Journalist of the Year and former NPPA POY Denny Simmons from the Evansville Courier & Press. Joining them will be Kathy Kieliszewski of the Detroit Free Press, and Rob Sumner founding member and photographer at Red Box Pictures.

I don't believe we've ever had three NPPA POYs together on one program before so this will be one seminar you won't want to miss.

We will also acknowledge our own ONPA award winners during the course of the day and break in new chairman of the board Karl Kuntz who takes over the helm during the annual business meeting on Saturday.

A time schedule will be posted soon so you will know who speaks where and when.

January clip contest results

Two first place wins put Chris Russell of The Columbus Dispatch at the top of the leader board in the ONPA Monthly Clip Contest.

There were quite a few other multiple winners in January. Kyle Robertson, Tom Dodge and Eric Albrecht, all co-workers of Russell were among them.

Complete results are on the ONPA Website.

Top 10 standings
1st - Chris Russell, The Columbus Dispatch - 102
2nd - Kyle Robertson, The Columbus Dispatch - 82
Tom Dodge, The Columbus Dispatch - 82
4th - Eric Albrecht, The Columbus Dispatch - 72
5th - Patti Schaeffer, The Morning Journal - 62
Ed Suba Jr., Akron Beacon Journal - 62
Phil Masturzo, Akron Beacon Journal - 62
Lisa Dejong, The Plain Dealer - 62
9th - Bill Lackey, Springfield News-Sun - 52
Tracy Boulian, The Plain Dealer - 52
Neal C. Lauron, The Columbus Dispatch - 52